How to Make BIG Money in Network Marketing

Watch this exclusive interview with Jennifer Dowd, one of the TOP 100 Highest Paid Network Marketers in the WORLD! She was 1 of 3 featured experts in Stephen Covey’s DVD “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Network Marketing Professionals” and appeared on “The Apprentice” twice! Get specific advice on how you can make MILLIONS in network marketing.

About The Author

  • Alisha Lindsey

    Mrs. Dowd has left to a new company called Tranont! After meeting her and she decided to move on to greener pastures I was one of the first people to move with her about the seventh person. She is One of the most inspirational people I have ever met and I have the privilege of calling friend! She and I are mutual besties with Kathryn Belleville who is the leader of the fastest growing team in Mrs. Dowd’s new team and entire company. 500% growth last year and less than 25K associates all over the world. Ground floor debt free life changing!!! The highest paid compensation plan pretty much in the entire industry. Industry standard 7 to 11% of total company profits. Our standard 76% profits paid to the field. $500 a month to drive a jeep with only 12 people in your team! We earned our first one in 24 hours and the second one with in 3 1/2 weeks. My husband and I both took a spot. This relieved us of two car payments in our household and it is a huge blessing! Showing people how to get out of debt retire them and giving them a plan that is far better than “work until you die”!
    If this sounds like your time in life and something you were interested in please feel free to contact me! I work directly with Mrs.Dowd!! 805304230
    Grant Cardone is a personal hero of mine After listening to the 10 X rule on audible! My life is forever changed as a sales professional!

  • Alisha Lindsey

    805-304-2380 I work with Mrs.Dowd on her NEWEST life changing project! She walked away from everything and start from scratch and this new company eight months ago! Changed my life by taking me with her! 🙂
    And we are about to be in Salt Lake City next weekend at the Salt Lake City convention center! You could meet her in person and get trained by Her! As a matter of fact I could introduce you in person!