How To Make Another $10,000 to $60,000 This Month- Jerry Fetta | Grant Cardone TV
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How To Make Another $10,000 to $60,000 This Month- Jerry Fetta

I’ve had about half a dozen clients this week reach out to me and tell me that in the last month, as clients of Wealth DynamX. $60 grand extra in a month is good, however, my goal for all of my clients is to help them first become millionaires and second become deca-millionaires. Now you may say “Jerry how are you going to teach me how to do that?” My response? I’m not going to teach you to. Guys like Grant Cardone, Warren Buffett, Andrew Carnegie, and the top 1% of wealth are going to. I’m going to introduce you to the data they have shared with us, help you study it, help you set goals, help you create a plan, and then help you make sure that plan becomes reality. When you begin following this system, you will see gains of $10,000 and $60,000 show up. Why? Because they would mathematically need to if you’re going to hit $1 million.

I’m going to share with you what these clients are doing and how they’re achieving results like this.

First, these clients are getting there information from sources different than most people. From day 1 on my program, they are getting sales, marketing, and business training from Grant Cardone. Why? Because Grant went from broke and drug addicted to being very close to billionaire and did it the old-fashioned way. He earned lots of income, kept large amounts of it, and then invested it to increase his income. “But I don’t like Grant….” Well, I don’t like vegetables but I still eat them because I know they will help. If you knew this information could get you an extra $60k next month do you really care if you like who is delivering it?

Second, these clients are operating with a strategic plan. What is that? It is a long-term, broad-ranged plan geared towards their financial freedom happening 10 years from today. It is reduced down to doable targets and metrics that they know they need to achieve each week. Aka, they aren’t running around confused and having success and failure accidentally without knowing what caused it. They wake up each day, train, read, set goals, and then to achieve the targets we have laid out for them. This is complete focus. When you realize this is what they’re doing, then it makes sense how they are seeing results like this.

Third, they have world-class coaching. They don’t have just a coach. They have a team of coaches. I may be their Head Coach, but they also talk with Coach Aquino and the rest of my team almost daily. We hold them accountable, help brainstorm ideas, handle situations, and help them win. If you have just one coach, I do feel sorry for you. Professional sports teams have a team of coaches, not just one. My clients win because they are coached by a team.

Fourth, my they have access to the right network. If you’re not making money, part of it is the people you spend your time with. My clients have access to each other. When you realize who they are, you also realize how powerful that is. Imagine hundreds of people who are all focused, growing daily, and helping each other. There have been moments when a client reached out on our group forum for coaching and before I could even answer, dozens of responses came back from the group helping the individual and coaching them.

You see, when someone commits to a program this in depth, you can easily see why they would make an extra $10k to $60k. It’s not magic, that is just what happens when a person does the right things at the right times with the right people. If you’d like to get on a program that allows you to make money like that this month, click here!

Own Your Potential,

Jerry Fetta

Grant Cardone Certified Coach

Jerry Fetta helps his clients build wealth so that they can eradicate poverty in their own lives and own their potential.

He believes scarcity and abundance cannot co-exist and that the way to end poverty is to help you build wealth.

You were not created to spend 40+ hours per week serving the 40-year-to-life sentence trading your precious time for money just to live in mediocrity.

However, the truth is that time and money must be exchanged. It just doesn’t need to be you making the exchange.

Jerry helps his clients create wealth that exchanges time and money on their behalf. The only way to do this is to make more money, keep it, and then multiply it.

He has helped clients double their income, save $100,000 tax-free, and secure 8-12% fixed annual returns on their assets.