How to Handle Social Media Generated Leads By Robert Syslo Jr

This is a very interesting piece of data to know and understand and my objective in this blog is to walk you through some very basic principles that I have seen come out of Grant Cardone Sales Training University, the importance of having sales training in conjunction with an advertising spend and campaign.


With any new campaign that is launched and has been running effectively over a long period of time comes with it multitudes of leads that will be presented to you.  My Operations manager Wayne today said something to me that was very interesting and it relates to what we do here at 10X Productions. What he said was that these leads are creating opportunities for the future, aside from e-commerce which is transactional based advertising, for any service based company a phone call or a conversation is going to have to take place.  Wayne said these are opportunities for the future and he is right.


As these are opportunities for the future, they are also needing to be treated with communication immediately.  Here is the reason for this, as you begin to advertising and move through social media, lets say you see something you like it you move on do you remember what post you liked from this morning? Unless it was impactful probably not.  Or let’s say you are the busy executive who is running from moment to moment you see something that you think might help your company out on social media input your information in the hopes that someone will call and you can schedule a time to speak with them.  Then you the executive, get caught up in the day and forget about it as you handle 1000 different things and do different hats. At that point the company or service that you reached out to, calls you and you completely forgot you did this much like the post you liked this morning.  The sales representative calls you and you have no clue who they are or what they want, you hang up and he hangs up because he doesn’t have the data from Cardone Sales Training University to handle the leads that 10X Productions or any advertising agency comes into contact with.


What happened here?  Whose fault is it. I would not say fault it’s more responsibility.  It would be unfair for the company who is doing the advertising to expect someone to remember the moment they inputted information in as a lead for them or even expect them to buy now, however with 10X Productions we are interested in the full cycle of a business transaction or as Grant Cardone refers to in his 10X Sales Bootcamps, the business cycle.


You advertise, you get the lead you call you close. There is your cycle that can be repeated.  In that cycle is a critical moment where the lead is submitted and your sales representative has to call this lead.  How they respond to this or how fast they respond to this will determine whether or not the sale will be closed, and your advertising efforts become valuable for you.  I spoke about this in the masterclass I did this past Wednesday, the deal is usually to blame the advertising company for bad leads, but look further, if the data supports what is being sent to you, or if the leads are flowing, and the website works, the only logical next step is the sales cycle at this point.  Do your sales people have the adequate training to handle and internet based lead, inside of Cardone University there is an entire training section on internet lead response and how you should communicate to them. For you as a business owner I want you to think with how sound is my sales team, and how sound is the process that I am delivering to them.  Are they trained in internet lead response, do they know how to communication necessary to respond to them?


This is all the focus of what I am writing about today, because at 10X Productions not only are we interested in lead generation, sales and growing your database we also want to make sure that you have the Sales Training, like Grant Cardone University to handle those incoming leads.    When they come through the internet, its hot, that lead is smoking. They just said I am interested and you better be ready to send an email, send a text message, send a selfie video, and call this person as fast as you can. You cannot let an internet lead sit over time, or over the weekend, these people need to be contacted as fast as humanly possible, and reminded of what they just did. So they know and are prepared by the time you call them.


Maybe you set up an automatic email that goes out to them when they raise their hand, maybe you just send an email, whatever it is something has to happen to keep there attention on you for just a few minutes longer, and hopefully you as the sales person or you as the business owner can get into communication with them.  This is not a receive and let it sit type of deal, you must and I stress must get into communication with them as fast as possible if you want to exchange service and get paid. Grant Cardone elaborates on this in much more detail inside of Grant Cardone Sales Training University, if you are interested in that you can check out, for more information.


In regards to what I am speaking about and what we do at 10X Productions is attempt to set you up in the best way possible to handle and offer solutions to your customers and you do not miss those opportunities.  The opportunities that come from stellar lead generation campaigns like the ones that 10X Productions produces for its clients. Find a way to get into communication as FAST as you can with these internet leads so you can engage in conversation.


Let me clarify also that these leads do not have to come in the form of an email notification when someone signs up on your landing page, it could be in the form of a Facebook message, an Instagram message or a Youtube Comment.  In 2017 over $500,000 in contract value was due to the fact that I responded to my Instagram messages and converted those opportunities into deals for 10X Productions. 2018 is close to the $500,000 mark, just shy of it. But think more than just I am waiting for leads on my website look to your social platforms where you are advertising, check your inbox on the business page, check your inbox on the Linkedin Page, check your Instagram story messages, there are people there that maybe didn’t want to send their lead but decided to reach out to you directly there. Close them there.


Grant Cardone talks about this all the time he wants to be wherever you are, and sometimes leads come through these other platforms and only feel comfortable building a deal there and sending the proposal there.  I cannot count the number of times that I have closed deals using Facebook Messenger, commenting, and Instagram messages. They exist and they are there, use them to your advantage and for your sake respond to everyone lead or not as fast as possible. Keep them having you in the top of their mind at all times, that’s a true professional and I know based on Grant Cardone Sales Training University he would agree with me.  


As you progress through an advertising campaign, much like what we do at 10X Productions think of how many ways you could get into communication with a lead as fast as possible.  There are services out there like autoresponders, chat bots, that at least give you somewhat of an advantage when it comes to working the internet lead. Find the solution that best gives the customer what he needs, and keeps that customer continuing to engage with you.  There are even ways to automate this process which I won’t go into now, but the point is rather are you getting into communication with them, how fast are you speaking to them and what are you doing second by second to keep them thinking of you. Get on the phone immediately leave a voicemail do everything but sit on the lead for another day.  I guarantee you will see an increase in closings, and deals that will be converted from an advertising campaign. At 10X Productions we can assist you with this and give you exactly what is needed for a sales advertising campaign. Work the leads, get into communication and find a way to immediately build value after that lead has given you his or her information.  Make it work for them and it will work for you.

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