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How to Handle Disappointment from Your Valentine: The G&E Show

You can only control what you feel about yourself. Most people didn’t like me when I was growing up. I realized that If I like myself enough, then I could handle other people not liking me. How do you handle disappointments?

I’m trying to create a life not a day!

I will suffer for a day to create what I want. Valentines only happens once a year. I don’t live for a day. I live to create my life. You need to handle yourself, not worry about how your partner is or has disappointed you.

What do you have your attention on? Reinforce your strengths. Know your role in the relationship. Go back and make yourself stronger. Stay so busy and consumed with what you’re doing that you’re not focusing on disappointments. You can’t change some else. You can only change you. Work at becoming an asset to yourself.

I don’t think in terms of balance— I think about the life that I want to create. Nothing feels better than working and producing. Don’t play the tit-for-tat game—that’s what normal people do. You set yourself up for disappointments with your partner when you play that game.

You need to reach a higher level. Set the bar high—trust each other. Make it easy for your partners to be creative and reach their goals.

It’s not someone else’s job to fulfill YOU.

Operate at an upper echelon. Use discipline to reach a new world that’s on a different level than normal.

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