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How to Grow Your Thinking – Jerry Fetta

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How To Grow Your Thinking

By: Jerry Fetta

We all have moments where we have the right mindset and moments when we have small thinking. I’ve been through it too many times to count. One moment you’re feeling great and winning and the next moment you’re in doubt or confusion. Regardless of the person, this happens to everyone without exception. So how do you handle it? Today, that is the topic I want to cover. Why? Because wealth is the byproduct of your thoughts and actions and if your thinking isn’t correct, then wealth won’t happen.

First, why would someone go from a positive mindset to a negative one? Usually, it is sparked by exterior circumstances. You were winning and an obstacle came up that you didn’t expect. Or maybe something you thought was taken care of really wasn’t and it reared it’s ugly head again. Or maybe you are simply dealing with challenges you’ve never handled before and don’t know how to react. It comes down to a few different elements though.

One of these elements is surprising. Usually, when we don’t expect things, they get the better of us. The challenge you knew about and had time to prepare for is never usually the one that derails you. It is usually the one you didn’t see coming. Those types of challenges catch you off guard and can shrink your thinking down to scarcity and necessity mentality.

The other thing is the challenge itself, which is a state of not knowing. Things you know how to handle are not challenges. Things you are unsure of and cannot handle are those things that challenge you. Why? Because it’s new or unfamiliar and you aren’t certain about your own ability to control the outcome.

The final ingredient is the unwillingness to fail. If a challenge came up that I didn’t know how to handle and it surprised me, I really have 2 options.

#1 I can fight it and maybe win or maybe fail, but at least try.

#2 I can hide or retreat because I’m afraid of what might happen if I don’t succeed.

The reality is, if you can be prepared for all 3 of these things, you’d never worry about poverty mindset. Nothing could surprise you, you’d know everything, and you’d have no fear of failure.

But this is not the case for anyone. We all have things that surprise us, we all have things we don’t know, and we all fear failure in certain areas to some degree.

So how do you handle the cases when you notice your mindset shrinking?

Here is what I do!

#1 Write my goals and purposes down again. I reconnect with what drives me so that I have a reason to fight and not just give up.

#2 Go see things that increase my thinking. This is different for everyone, but for me, it is tall buildings, massive creations, and creative ideas I’d never considered before.

#3 Spend time with someone who is playing at a higher level than you are. This could be any playing field whether financial, spiritual, or another part of life. Usually, it needs to be in the same area you are personally struggling with.

These 3 things always pull my mindset back up because I know why I’m working, I have seen what is possible, and I have a network of those doing what I aspire to that will support me.

With these components, I know I am unstoppable and resilient against any obstacle.

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Own Your Potential,

Jerry Fetta

Grant Cardone Certified Coach

Jerry Fetta helps his clients build wealth so that they can eradicate poverty in their own lives and own their potential.

He believes scarcity and abundance cannot co-exist and that the way to end poverty is to help you build wealth.

You were not created to spend 40+ hours per week serving the 40-year-to-life sentence trading your precious time for money just to live in mediocrity.

However, the truth is that time and money must be exchanged. It just doesn’t need to be you making the exchange.

Jerry helps his clients create wealth that exchanges time and money on their behalf. The only way to do this is to make more money, keep it, and then multiply it.

He has helped clients double their income, save $100,000 tax-free, and secure 8-12% fixed annual returns on their assets.

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