How to Grow Your Business While On Vacation

How productive are your trips? Vacation can make you feel miserable if you haven’t already earned work happiness. How do you do vacations right? Never say, “No work on a vacation.” I don’t call it a vacation; I just move my office.

There’s something about traveling and seeing other places that inspires the spirit and expansion. Here are some tips:

1) It’s not just a vacation—Just do your life. Get things done while “on vacation” and you will feel better about the vacation.

2) Everyone gets what they want—Don’t make it a grind. Have fun, enjoy yourself, and treat everybody to what they want to do.

3) You should be more productive than normal—Production always yields satisfaction. If you lay on the beach drinking Coronas for 10 days straight, you will not feel better about it afterwards. Do it for an afternoon if you must, but do something productive beforehand to make you feel good about it.

When you take a vacation, what is the purpose? Is it all play and no work? When I take a vacation I relax but I make sure my business and my income continually expands.

This is the 10X way to vacation. This is the 10X way to do life.

Get your 10X Planner and start dreaming about where you want to go on your next vacation—and what you will get done while “away”.

Be great,


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