How to go Viral

You don’t need to get on BuzzFeed to go viral, but going viral is difficult. Rather than just going viral, you want to be thinking of how to grow your footprint online daily. You need to get attention, stand out, and be consistent. You want to get to a point where people see what you produce every day, 7 days a week.

Make it your mission to be a digital celebrity and you will become an actual celebrity. The reality is most people are not stars. There are only 4 types of people online—and you should only want to be in the 4th category.

3 Groups of People Online:

1. Mr. Passive: Browsing, looking at cat videos, scrolling through their newsfeed.

2. Mr. Engaged: Liking, sharing, and commenting on other people’s posts; taking pictures of their food and telling others their political opinions.

3. Mr. Creator: Blogging, uploading videos, producing content that others actually consume. Might have a few thousand followers/subscribers.

The One Group That Actually Makes a Dent in the Internet Universe:

4. Mr. Unicorn: Has an insatiable appetite to get known; Understands his potential and is in an all out sprint, all the time to post content, give value, and become a star.

You don’t want to be in the first 3 groups. Even with limited resources, you can create content that millions of people engage with—but it will take time, energy, and commitment. The idea of becoming a digital unicorn should be the kind of target that will provide a tremendous amount of motivation for you. Become the name or top two or three names in the market you work and live in.

Become the most dependable person, business or product in your market and then become a celebrity. Become the one everyone is talking about; the one that’s getting all the criticism and all the admiration.

A celebrity is someone other people follow and talk about — someone who sets the standard.

All you have to do is go online and see who gets their posts shared and you will see who the celebrities are. You will see them and think, “they aren’t that good-looking, they aren’t that big of a deal, they aren’t that smart,” or, “oh my god, how did they become so famous?” Right? You, me, any of us can be that celebrity. They come through our news feeds every day.

To make big goals you have to make big commitments. You have to live a 10X life and set targets far beyond your reach because you don’t get what you deserve. You get what you focus on, hustle for, and then stay committed to.

10X Everything.

Be great,


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