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How to Get Your Head Right

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Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt bring you the tools you need to succeed in the 21st Century. Plenty of you want true freedom, prefer entrepreneurship to 9-to-5 and are hungry for a mentor who gives you the raw and real deal. Grant doesn’t care what your age is, he knows you’re a Young Hustler. Every Thursday at 12 PM Grant and Jarrod bring you sales, business and success tips and insights to succeed in any economic climate.

This week on Young Hustlers Jarrod Glandt talks about getting your head right. How do you get your head right? Four tips:

1. Prepare to bust your ass – Wealth creation will be tougher than you think. In a 100-yard dash, people go all out but let up at the end. The thing is we aren’t in a short dash, life is a marathon. You have to go all in and you can’t let up. Be prepared for war for the long haul. Understand how hard it will be.

2. Be Willing to fail—Things won’t always work out. Be prepared to fail if you want to find the right thing. Make the phone call, visit the office and take a shot. Don’t play for the same piece of pie as everyone else is. Get over the rejection thing. Failure can be a good education as long as you learn from it. No decision you make locks you in forever. Take a swing.

3. Find the right vehicle—If you are looking to do something big you’ve got to be in the right vehicle. Know why you are going where you are going. What is your plan? There are two questions you should ask before you work at someplace: 1) How much money will I make? 2) what am I going to learn? Get clear on what are you are doing. You better be learning if you aren’t making money, and if you aren’t learning you better be making money. Really you should have both.

4. Skill up at all costs— Educate yourself. Go find YouTube videos, read blogs, books, and learn every day. If you already graduated, now it’s time to really learn something. What’s relevant today won’t be in 20 years. If you stopped learning in the year 2006 you’d be obsolete today. Take two extra hours every day to keep learning new things.

You’ve been served the message go to college and you’ll get a job paying 60 or 70k. It’s a lie. 50% of 25 year-olds are still living with mom and dads. You have to take the above 4 tips and never assume anyone will give you anything.

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