How about you? Are you also still waiting for your big break? Here are some things I’ve been doing to get to my big break:

1. Don’t Be Taking Breaks: You will never catch your big break by taking breaks. Any action that is not adding wood to your fire should be considered wasteful— think Xbox, online poker, watching television, napping, drinking, taking smoking breaks—the potential list is endless. Brutal, right? Yes, it is—but if you don’t manage your time, I assure you that you will waste it.

I watch salespeople make a couple of phone calls, send out a few pieces of mail, and then stop to take a coffee break and gossip about the latest news. Then they sit down and chat about how business is slow and how the phone and prospecting don’t get them results. Standing around the water cooler, discussing the game, going to bars, doodling, daydreaming, whatever it is, write it down and become aware of all the things you’re doing that don’t add to your fire. Then remove them from your activities. Keep your schedule full and tight. Break your day into 15-minute segments.

2. Take Massive Action: The more action you take, the better your chances are of getting a break. Every action you take will bring you closer to that big day. Getting a big break is not a matter of education, talent, connections, personality, luck, money, technology, being in the right industry, or even being in the right place at the right time. It’s about showing up and taking 10X action constantly.

Think in terms of expansion and be willing to try anything, even break agreed upon norms in order to move toward getting your big break. Those who succeed are often the rule breakers, the noisemakers, the attention getters—the unreasonable ones. Breaks don’t just happen, you must make them happen.

3. No Negativity: Self-talk can make or break you. Those who embrace the victim position will gladly go on and on to you about how they had nothing to do with their many bad breaks and misfortunes in life that seem to strike them time and again throughout their lives. Realize that everyone who’s trying to get their “break” is going through the same thing.

Look at what you need to do to accomplish your goal and then do it—regardless of whether you are scared or comfortable. You need to stay positive and not let those around you keep you down.

I’ve been looking at 2016 as the year for my big break. I’ve been looking for it for 58 years. I’m not passively waiting for it. If you are actively looking for your big break, check out Cardone University as a tool that will help you get closer. You can’t reach your full potential holding on to where you are.

Reach up and invest in yourself today.