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How to Find a Good Mentor

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Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt with tips on how to find a mentor.

Grant and Jarrod kick off this week’s episode explaining why Grant launched encouraging people to fill their heads with positive information that can help them to succeed and limit the negative garbage that distracts them.

Grant and Jarrod encourages everyone to find a mentor but advise viewers to understand that there is a way to go about it that few people follow. Grant makes it clear that he is incredibly committed to helping people and will help people once they take the necessary steps that include:

1. Decide you want a mentor.
2. Figure out what you want to achieve.
3. Prepare and be ready for mentorship.
4. Get rid of the non supporters.
5. Get information from one place.
6. Commit fully.
7. Choose someone much more successful than yourself.

Grant tells viewers that they must research and absorb all they can find about the mentor. This is the preliminary preparation required to make the most of the interaction with the mentor you choose. A potential mentor wants to know that you are serious and committed, exactly what you are looking to accomplish, and what steps you have taken to get there on your own.

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