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How to Expand your Network: The G&E Show

In this Show

How to Expand Your Network

Grant and Elena share three things you can do to expand your empire. It involves you getting off the couch, out of your home and finding where to network with people who want your services and products.

Building your empire takes you and your partner being on the same page with the same goals and clear definitions of roles.

To expand your network, you need to be around people. You need to increase and scale – otherwise you’ll be small and get crushed, overlooked, laid off, etc. If you’re sitting around watching TV on the couch, you need to get up, get out and find the places where your customers or people that can help you are at. It might be a church, it might be a golf club, a nice restaurant, wherever. Brainstorm places and makes a list and a plan to visit and network.

You have to have something to offer people in return for their time, interest, energy, or money. Do your research and find what is needed in the marketplace and tailor your products or services to fill that gap. Or if it already exists, what or how can you stand out from what others are doing to create that attention.

And lastly, you need to deliver on that. In order to grow and move forward, you need to fulfill your obligations or promises to create positive word of mouth, satisfied customers, referrals, testimonials and people who want to do business with you again.

By expanding your network you’ll keep your empire growing. If your empire isn’t growing, it’s being destroyed. Invest in yourself and relationship. Invest in experiences that you can grow from.

This holiday season is the perfect time to put an experience under the tree instead of buying more material things. Do you remember what furniture you had or what clothes you had ten years ago? But you remember the trip you took.

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