I love for people to be obsessed, I even have a book coming out later this year all about it—it’s at 90,000 words currently. But people who are obsessed with the weekend will never create any real wealth for themselves or their families. People who roll by all week looking forward to two days where they can accomplish nothing, are average.

Sundays are rest for those who at least work 6 days. If you aren’t a millionaire you have no business taking weekends off. Here are three tips to get you to millionaire status:

1. How to be a Millionaire—Everyone is a millionaire in something. How many times has your heart beat? How many breaths have you taken? You see, you already are a millionaire. There are many ways to be a millionaire. Are you a millionaire in not making things work, a millionaire in excuses, a millionaire in being late?

Being a millionaire is about focus. Most people are a millionaire in many things. It’s not that difficult. Ask yourself, what are you going to be a millionaire in? If it’s money, then focus on that. If it’s success, focus on that. See how easy it is to be a millionaire? Being broke and being a millionaire takes the same amount of effort. Drop the ideas you’ve been sold that wealth is harder to obtain—being lazy is hard, living paycheck to paycheck is hard. Which would you rather work towards?

2. Secrets of Millionaires—The number 1 is the most uninteresting number of all-time. Never, ever, ever do anything just 1 time. You need to add 0’s, single digits mean nothing. To even get known, you need to think in terms of 10, 100, 1000, 1-million. Never make love just once. Hit it 2, 3, 4, 30 times.

Same thing with social media, e-mail, and letters. One time a client told me, “Grant we will do this just one time and see how it goes” and I replied, “One is the weakest of all numbers, let’s do this 10 times”. I don’t breathe once and I don’t eat once. Add zeroes! Zeroes are powerful and you will start thinking like a millionaire when you begin adding 0’s.

3. Work Like a Millionaire—America was built on work. People had to get away from Europe back in the day to come over here. It’s not work if it’s a passion. Get to work. Work enough so it doesn’t feel like work. Don’t clock in and out. I think nothing about 14 or 18 hour days. I certainly don’t think twice about working on a Saturday!

The bottom line is that you need to have a millionaire mindset to ever become a millionaire. If you are taking it easy on the weekend you don’t have a millionaire mentality.

If you need help getting your head right and are looking to add skills to your arsenal and get serious about becoming a millionaire one day, check out Cardone University. This really is the first University to train you so that you can be a millionaire. I should call it the Millionaire University.

Be great,