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How to Handle an Interview

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Today Grant talks about “How to Handle an Interview” and “How to Control an Audience”.

It’s a beautiful Friday. TGIF = Thank God I’m Free. It’s more important to be free than what day of the week it is.

3 Things to Handle an Interview:
1. Know your audience
2. Decide to be friendly or antagonistic
3. Decide where you have altitude

Example 1: Periscope Summit Roundtable (Friendly)
Example 2: HuffPost Live (Antagonist)
Example 3: Fox Business (Maximize)

Take control of the interview. It’s not about the host. It’s not about the other people that might be there. It’s about you and you must control the situation.

Donald Trump knows how to play the antagonistic card. It’s fresh and new. Everyone is paying attention to him because his approach isn’t boring.

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