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How to Deal with Criticism

In this Show

Each Week Grant Cardone and his wife Elena Cardone discuss the business of marriage. Many couples are pulled in different directions taking care of kids and managing their business success. Grant and Elena offer tips and insights based on their own reality, challenges and successes in their day-to-day lives. Their banter is relatable, entertaining and informative.

On today’s episode Elena and Grant explore the subject of critics, haters and naysayers. How do you handle the people who, as Elena puts it, “ping” at you? Whether it’s family, social media, or colleagues if you’re sensitive the things people say can “ping.” Elena admits she’s more sensitive and sometimes despite trying to shrug off criticisms thoughts of them pops in her head. This is common and human. Grant offers these tips as his “plan to handle the haters and naysayers.”

1. Remember,”it’s my life not their life.” Only I know what is right for me.
2. Naysayers are quitters. You are not.
3. Be rational not emotional.
4. Ask why you are even paying attention to what they are saying.
5. Worry less about them and be too busy to care.
6. Worry more about those who may listen to false information.
7. Eject the naysayers.
8. Get cheerleaders and supportive people around you.

Grant and Elena take callers who share their own dealings with haters and naysayers and what is revealed is quite interesting.

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