How to Conquer the Marketplace

The Mongol Empire was the biggest land empire in history back in its heyday, stretching from Japan in the east to central Europe, going north as far as Siberia and south down to Arabia. Ghengis Khan was the original leader of it and there was nothing small about what he did. His Empire grew rapidly—speed was power, even back then. What separated the Mongols from other kingdoms was how fast they did things. They used horse archers and the army was built for speed and mobility. To expand your business today, you need to be built for speed in the marketplace.

There is an old saying that the early bird gets the worm. That proverb has been around for millennia because there is truth in it. Make a commitment to speed! Genghis Khan would not have created the largest land empire in history if he was riding on a tortoise. He wouldn’t have even had a small empire if he and his army were riding snails.

When you act with speed you can rapidly enlarge your territory and take market from your competitors.

There is a direct relationship between time and money—they are connected. What do they have in common? If you want more money, you really want more time. You need to either go half as far or twice as fast. Time is money. Time is distance / speed, so if you want to get rich you have to do more with your time or buy other people’s time. This is why speed is so important.

I’m in a hurry. When I slow down I become less valuable. Plant more crops each day and you’ll have a bigger harvest. Make your army faster and you will conquer more territory. You want to control time, make priorities, and multiply your time. The truth is the same three problems exist with time and money.

Problem #1 Get Money/Time—I am not trying to get smaller, I am trying to expand. Empires that are content with the status quo will eventually shrink and cease to exist. You need to think with expansion and acquisition. In business, how can you get in front of more people, help more people, collaborate with the right people and ultimately grow?

You have to ask “Who’s got my money?”

Problem #2 Keep Money/Time—You can’t keep what you can’t control. If you make 5K and spend 5K, what good is that? You’re broke. You want to be in a place where you can first get more money so you can be able to save some of it. Invest in yourself and get skills so you earn enough income to start to save.

Learn to control your income and control your time or you’ll never have enough of either. 

Problem #3 Invest Money/Time— Investment takes commitment. Commitments take time and money. Are you committed to multiplying your money and your time? Whenever you invest your time or your money you are making a commitment. The only reason you don’t multiply either one is because you lack commitment to it.

Speed is power, and as an example of this in business, the average response time online for companies responding to digital leads is 44 hours. In reality, 40 minutes is too long for me when I’m online to hear back. At 4 hours I’ve forgotten I hit your website altogether. If you follow up in 44 hours you are a dinosaur.

Speed is king when it comes to sales.

A slow response time or no response is one of the dumbest mistakes people are making in the marketplace—it’s certainly no way to grow a business. The most effective thing you can do to increase responses with customers is to act with speed. The first person there is the first person interested, right? If you respond in 44 hours you aren’t even on the same planet as the buyer. Speed is power so follow up hard and often.

The key to increasing your speed is to use every communication tool you have available. Don’t rely only on phone calls and leaving voicemails. Email and text. Genghis Khan may have used smoke signals and carrier pigeons—I don’t know—but he got the job done. Your chances of conversion skyrocket when you communicate with speed.

I’m not saying what the Mongols did was right or wrong, but I do know that the way they created a massive empire was directly related to how quickly they were able to move compared to the world around them. Their armies galloped. Most businesses today don’t even jog, some really don’t even bother to walk. They are stagnant, sitting there with their doors open just hoping that people will come to them and hand them their money.

Be fast today. Take advantage of my training programs to improve your skills so that you can start taking market share and expanding your footprint. Your empire will only start growing when you make a decision to expand. Are you ready to make that commitment? If yes, go here. It’s going to cost you time and money, but choosing not to expand will cost you time and money as well.

Be obsessed or be average,


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