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How to Build a Marketing Plan for Real Estate – Robert Syslo Jr

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When it comes to building out real estate marketing plan there are so many variants to take into effect to be able to build it the right way. Your goal should have one purpose, to create enough content and awareness that this leads to communication from prospects. That is the purpose of Marketing Plans and Advertising, to get into communication with prospects.


I have spoken to many realtors, agents, brokers and the biggest issue I have come across in the industry is the lack of a single brand identity. There is no clear picture of what is being looked at or what properties are being sold. You must ask yourself where is my niche, where is my focus is it luxury? Condos? Multi-Family? Commercial? What is the focus and pick the focus and run with it. Everything that you do must reflect the niche and the products that you sell. You must identify this to start and outline to yourself all of the pieces that are connected with it to make this marketing plan truly work.


Once you have the products that you are going to be selling you have to list out to yourself the ways in which you can get into communication with these individuals. You already know what that is. When you buy, you know how to communicate and what they talk about, when you are dealing with a seller you know what they are thinking with and how to talk to them. Even the location where you operate within will have a certain communication and vibe connected to it. That market identity is how you will build out your subsequent plan to get into communication with buyers and sellers. Sunny Isles Beach real estate is different from Kentucky Real Estate which is different from Los Angeles Real Estate. You as the agent, the broker have the responsibility to really codify what that data and information is so that you can utilize it later in your content creation. How do people think? How do they act? What areas of town are they interested in? Where do they frequently go? What lifestyle attractions can I utilize to help sell apartments and condos? What is the location like?


When you have accurately attained this information above, now it is time to look at your real estate marketing plan. You have to go into it thinking about what exactly you are wanting to achieve and how you will go about doing this. Take for example the real estate agent who posts a picture on Instagram or Facebook it is the front of the house with some minor copy above the post and on the post it says call this number, new location for sale. Let’s just stop right here and say this is the worst thing you can do for promoting a property or location. You as the agent or broker, must invest some more time into this. Every property, every location must be treated as sacred, especially if you are looking to sell it or have someone buy it. Embellish it. In earlier articles I spoke about over embellishment? Utilize it. When you go buy a car what do they do? Look at the stitching on this leather interior made from hand in Italy, shipped across the Atlantic Ocean in a special container so it the does not damage it giving you this ultra high end luxury look, to make you feel like a rockstar. Why do they do that for cars? Because it sells the value. You have to sell the value. Every property must be dissected, broken down, looked at an observed here is how you do this:

What is the area?
How was the house or condo or complex built?
What distinguishes it from other properties?
Why is it Special?
What was used to build it?
What is the bathroom like?
What is the kitchen like?
What is the view like?
How High are the ceilings?
How large are the bedrooms?
Is there marble tile?
How big are the closets?
Why this neighborhood?
Why this property?
Is there a pool? Is there a Jacuzzi?
When was it built?
Is it old and quaint or brand new?
What are the people like?
How far from shopping?
How far from Starbucks?
How far from attractions?

Do you see how many questions there are? This isn’t even half of them. These are the foundations for your marketing plan right here. All of this data is assimilated, then created into advertisements on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linked In.


Daunting task it seems, I know however. I will give you a story here. This is the only real estate agent I have ever seen do this. Where I live right now is in Sunny Isles Beach on the Ocean in Trump Tower III.

Let me explain to you why I picked this location. I used to live across the street and how I got interested in this location was because a real estate agent took photos and of the inside locations and spent probably $500 on a Facebook Advertisement. He targeted only the Sunny Isles Beach Area among a few other things. I saw the ad on my Facebook Feed, and said “that is across the street?” Let me go check this out. So I did. And here I am. What did that agent do that you can learn from? He over embellished it. He showed the property, he showed was it was like to live here and he happened to be there the same day he posted that ad for an open house. I called him got the tour and moved in. I told him you are the smartest real estate agent I ever met. Why because he knows how to market. His plan was I am going to have an open house, and I will market the open house and be there to take calls and people through. This is just one example but how can you apply that logic and that data to wherever you are.


If you want to sell your property or have people purchase your property badly enough you will market. You will isolate who your target individuals are on these platforms and get in front of them. Here are some things to think with.

– How can I take photos of each location and use them to promote
– How can I take a selfie video of each location as a walkthrough as opposed to the supposed
360 walk through’s that do not do the property justice
– How can I become a brand inside of whatever broker I work for, or the broke become a more
personable brand to show case on these social platforms
– What can I do to promote a location better?
– How can I go out and highlight the attractions around the area I am in and post this on my
social media to attract interest as opposed to just posting a picture of a house
– What do my buyers and sellers want and how can I show them I can deliver

If you can accomplish and handle these questions, my goodness you have a marketing plan. This should take about 20 minutes to do and you can replicate it over and over again. With all this data and information you can now promote and push it into the area that you are located in. Remember the goal is interest and communication with prospects. This is how you will do it. Do not forsake the need to do this, and do not get lazy. Find your brand in this and treat each location as sacred. The marketing plan is not complex, it is an over embellishment of the area and the property. Why do you buy expensive cars, they are over embellished, you are sold the dream that if I drive a Ferrari I automatically am driving through the hills of Naples Italy. Follow the same principle in real estate, no matter the area. The beautiful thing about video and photos is that you can highlight the best, and you should be making it the best. At 10X Productions this is what we focus on. This is how we build brands and drive leads to customers no matter the industry. We can build and build and build, and get you into communication with the people who want to buy your products and services. If you are interested in learning more go to this link – or check out our portfolio at

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