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Branding with David Brier – How to Rise Above the Noise

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David Brier, branding expert extraordinaire also goes by the title: Chief Gravity Defier. For over 30 years, Brier has worked with big names such as The Trump Organization, Estee Lauder and Jim Henson—just to name a few. With tons of accolades from top business experts such as Daymond John, CEO of FUBU and star on Shark Tank, David Brier has earned a top-notch reputation in the branding business.

His objective is to partner with companies that refuse to blend in and demand to be heard. By this he means brands that defy gravity and rise above the noise. So what exactly does this entail? According to Brier, branding is the art of differentiation.

In this one-on-one with Grant, Brier discuss how we live in a world with lots of noise and distractions and how it is essential for a product or service to be different and rise above the noise. This differentiation is crucial and necessary.

Grant asks Brier about his early influences, examples of successful brands today and common mistakes. On his website, he offers viewers a free copy of his e-book called “The Lucky Brand” and examples of his work.

This is a must-watch episode for anyone who is interested in learning about how to rise above the noise.

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