How To Blow Up Your Brand When Nobody Knows You

Obscurity is a business killer!!

And in 2015 there’s a lot of noise to compete with.

As a result, the first way to “get attention” is to be on the right platforms to win retention in the current marketplace.

These are the platforms that get us the most exposure and repeat audiences.

The top 6 marketing platforms in 2015:

1. Meerkat
2. Periscope
3. Instagram
4. Facebook
5. You-Tube
6. Linkedin

Make sure you have an account with all six and follow me @joinjackmurray to see how they work.

The next step is to avoid the following 3 critical mistakes:

1. Failing to directly ask for engagement on your content (comment below, share, like, invite followers, message me).

2. Thinking people care about who you are… Your approach to marketing should be to focus on the problems your target audience wants to solve.

3. Using jargon or language that is a mismatch to a new audience – keep everything you push out simple and easy to understand.

These are the 3 shifts to standout to a new audience in less than 7 days:

1. Build local star power first, then expand out. Don’t try to be broad or appeal to the masses just yet. You can achieve this by specialising in producing a specific result to small audience on a core platform first.

2. Instantly connect with everyone that engages with you. Pro tip*: Send a personalised 10-second video thanking anyone who comments or shares your content and turn them into a raving fan fast. Do it on this post and I’ll show you 🙂

3. Become Facebook friends so your audience can check you out (and they will). This speeds up the sales process and ensures you attract and repel the right and wrong clients.

Your 3 action steps to blow up in the next 7 days:

1. Sign up for the 6 tools mentioned above and do a minimum of two problem-solving pieces of content a day on each of these platforms with a call-to-action (comment, share, invite, message me etc).

2. Engage with anyone that interacts on your content immediately to build your fan base and pipeline.

3. Create a social media plan that you’re committed to executing every single day until you’re out of obscurity and making bank (then 10x it).

Here’s what I want you to do if you enjoyed this article. Connect with me on Facebook (Jack Murray) and I’ll send you a copy of our social media plan that hits up to 60,000 people every week.

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