How to be Persistent

In this episode, Grant Cardone talks about grit, passion and perseverance as three key qualities for success in business and life. Grant begins the show siting a commencement speech given by Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen to NYU graduates urging them to pursue endeavors that fuel their passion and call for grit and perseverance. Grant believes fighting the giants is what builds swag and the hustle muscle necessary to thrive, succeed and overcome obstacles in business and life. Grant refers to the popular movie “Frozen” whose core message of “let go” isn’t one to apply to business. Instead, Grant advises to dig deep, decide never to quit, have more grit than anyone else in the game, and outwork everyone. He sites Steve Jobs as someone who never gave up, was committed to his vision and persevered when others doubted him. Grant offers advice to callers on creating more time, establishing a solid purpose and even gets a call from a fan follower who announced he has given up marijuana and adopted Grant’s MORE formula discussed in a prior show. If you ever needed to dig deep to rise above any challenge, this episode of The Cardone Zone is a must watch.

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