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How to Appear Super Human

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Don’t you want to be unbelievable? Quick admitting that you are human.

Grant Cardone: I’m only human, you’re only human. What’s this person saying? The are really saying “I’m a walking billboard for freaking screwed up.” You are only human, man. It seems reasonable, it seems rational, it seems to make sense, you are only human. Why be reminded of it? How about this, “You are super human.”

You can do anything. You are superman, you are batman—you are superman, batman, spiderman and freaking Willie, the free whale, all wrapped up into one and you probably have some angel in you, some wonder-woman, you’re freaking Ironman and Mr. America. How about that for a change? Rather than “You’re only human.” This reminds me of the person that says “time heals.” They don’t know what they are talking about. How do they know I’m only human? What if I was a spiritual being capable of anything wrapped up in this skin of human? Look, when you sit there saying “I’m only human.” What are you saying? I have limitations, I can’t create, I can’t fly, I can’t make the impossible happen, I can’t do anything more than what other humans can do.

Look I don’t want to be human. I want to be super-human, I want to be unbelievable, don’t you? I want to be an unbelievable husband, an unbelievable father, an unbelievable business man, an unbelievable business-woman. Don’t you want to be unbelievable? Quick admitting that you are human. You don’t need to tell people “I got limitations.” You don’t need to admit to people “I’m a screwed up.” No, man, you are super-human. So the next time you hear somebody say “I’m only human.” Stay away from me player, you are screwed up. Come back when you start admitting that you are freaking super-man.