How to Ace an Interview – Job Talk

You were smart enough to land the job interview—now be smart enough not to screw it up. Evan Forster and David Thomas share the best tips on how to brush up your confidence, spot your Achilles heels, and guard against “overcompensating” for weaknesses. Do you talk too much? Go blank when asked the most basic questions? What does that guy sitting across from you (with your life in his hands) even want from you?

You have to say who you are and why you’re right for this job—and you’ve got 30 minutes or less to do. That’s a lot of pressure. But there’s one thing every interviewer is looking for, so if you can learn how to communicate that, then you’ve already won the game.

David and Evan share their own interview nightmares, and take a caller who’s facing one of his own right now. Tune in and weigh in with your questions and comments below! Evan or David are happy to field your own interview nightmares right here on Whatever-It-Takes Network.

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