How Simple It Is for You to Create Wealth- Jerry Fetta | Grant Cardone TV
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How Simple It Is for You to Create Wealth- Jerry Fetta

Wealth means abundance. In every area of life. The opposite of wealth is poverty. Poverty means scarcity in any area of life. Think about every single area of your life. Now think of that area operating at its highest possible capacity. It almost doesn’t seem real, does it? You’ve got bills, you’ve got family stuff happening, and there are lots of obstacles. I understand. But that’s not going to change whether you build wealth or whether you create poverty. The obstacles will be there either way. Today I will show you how simple it is to create wealth so that you can eradicate any form of poverty in your life and own your potential.

First, you will need to know where you’re at now. What is the current scene? What do things look like? What are the current condition of your life, your finances, and your relationships? If you don’t know where you’re at now it is hard for you to confront and handle anything. I say confront because you need to see your current life for what it is. Unemotionally. Without excuse. Without justification. Do not try to make sense of your life and why it is the way it is. Just write down what it is.

Then set goals. What would you like it to look like? Again, don’t try to justify why it can’t happen. Just write down what you’d like plainly in each area of your life. This is based on what you believe is real. Even if you are skeptical you still have goals and desire improvement. Go through spiritual, physical, relational, work, creativity, wealth, and fun & adventure. Write them all down.

Next, take each goal you wrote and 10X it. If it is numerical, then mathematically 10X it. If it is non-numerical then think about what it would look like if it were 10X better than what you came up with in quality rather than quantity. Again, don’t try to qualify here. Just write down 10X.

Look at your first goal and then look at your 10X goal. If you’re still worried about how to achieve the 10X goal then I want you to 10X the 10X goal. You may need to repeat this 3-4 times until your first set of goals no longer looks intimidating.

Now ask yourself, what do you need to learn to achieve your 10X goals? The answer isn’t “nothing” because if it were, that would mean you already know everything and that would mean you’ve already achieved the goal, which isn’t the case. So there is info you don’t know. Write down what you don’t know, which is what you’ll need to learn. Trust me, your brain will help out with this automatically!

Finally, what would you need to get rid of? If you’re serious about your goals, you have a choice. You can choose to stay where you’re at. If you do that it’s your fault 100% and you had a choice to improve and chose against it. You can choose to achieve your goals and if you do, that’s also your fault and you had a choice and made the right choice. In each area of your life, what do you need to get rid of? Confront it and be honest with yourself.

These simple steps are what must be done to begin building wealth. After that, and only after that, can you begin to look at investing and building assets? You see, if you build the financial wealth and don’t handle your the rest of your life you will be rich and unhappy.

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Own Your Potential,

Jerry Fetta

Grant Cardone Certified Coach