At my company, we celebrate Tuesdays.

Do you walk into the office depressed that there are still 4 more days until Friday? At my company, we celebrate Tuesdays. Historically, we’ve made our biggest days on Tuesday. I usually talk about abundance, but the fact is you do have a shortage of Tuesdays on your calendar. You still have an abundance of opportunities to make the most of the Tuesdays you have left.

Take these 3 tips to make the most of this Tuesday:

1. Readily Take Action — Highly successful people take massive amounts of action. The unsuccessful talk about a plan for action but never really get around to doing all they want to do. Future achievements depend on investing in actions today.

Laziness and a lack of action are things that you must resist. 

2. Be Unreasonable — Ask yourself if we would we have cars, airplanes, or space travel if someone hadn’t done something another person had labeled unreasonable? Men would do nothing exceptional if it were not for the willingness to be unreasonable.

If you don’t 10X your thoughts and actions or become unreasonable with your dreams and ambition you will end up the same way as everybody else who are “playing-it-by-the-book” and an imaginary set of social rules. Being unreasonable doesn’t mean being crazy or stupid, it just means you will not be or do things the same way that is expected by the masses because you want extraordinary Tuesdays.

3. Believe that “I will figure it out” — You may not know how to do something, but believe you’ll figure it out. It’s an attitude of solution, rather than ineptitude. People value people who can find out what is needed rather than resign themselves to incompetency. To your co-workers or employees who look to you for guidance, they ask you something because they expect you to know the answer. Now obviously you don’t know all the answers to everything—but you can find the answers to whatever questions you are asked.

Rather than ineptitude, give solutions this Tuesday.

We all have time, but time is short. Act now. Invest in yourself to get the skills you need to live the life you want in your remaining days. Check out Cardone University, the #1 sales training system in the world, to help you take action, become unreasonable, and figure things out.

Be great, nothing else pays.