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How I Raised $15 Million in 90 Minutes – Real Estate Investing Made Simple with Grant Cardone

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How I Raised $15 Million in 90 Minutes

There are 6 things you must have to raise ANY amount of money in ANY amount of time:

#1 Have an Audience—You need an audience to tell your story to. No audience, no money.
#2 Be Trusted—No story will fly if people don’t trust you. Be transparent!
#3 Have a Product—You need a product that is easy to tell a story about. Is it something people like and want?
#4 Cultivate Relationships—You need to know people. People invest with people they know.
#5 Have the Approval to Raise Funds—You need some sort of fund structure set up, something legal to make things official. For my product, I’m approved by the SEC.
#6 Give an Offer. You need a clear, concise offer that people understand so they can take immediate action.

The bottom line is that no matter what you’re raising money for, you will raise money to the degree you think it’s a good thing!

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