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How Donald Trump Closed the Deal

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Donald Trump took down 18 career politicians. Like him or hate him you can learn from him. You can study Donald and see what worked. Big claim people like Donald, Connor McGregor, they do good. If you want to get your money right, you need to get dangerous.

It’s selfish to not have an opinion. You don’t have an opinion because you want everyone to like you. If you want to become president of the US, you need to have half the people of the United States to hate you.

Here is what Grant learned from Trump:

1.Authenticity. Tells you like it is. “NATO is outdated and we shouldn’t give it money.”

2.Straight Talk. Just say it, “I’m going to make America great again.”

3.Knew his Audience. He didn’t care about the half the country that didn’t like him. He picked a side and spoke to them.

4.Keep it simple. He made big picture ideas not details. You don’t need to know all the hows.

5.Social Media. He uses it at 70 better than most at 27.

6.Free Advertising. This is not a popular contest this is a get known contest. How do you get free advertising? Have an opinion.

7.Have an opinion. The middle class is done. Don’t go to college. Have an opinion.

8.Big Picture. Quit worrying about the tiny parts of things.

Donald Trump used these 8 things to become president of the United States. Grant is using them to expand his business like crazy.

How can you start using them?

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