How does the ugly guy get the beautiful woman?

Have you ever seen an ugly guy with a beautiful woman? I know you have. That’s from selling right there. Some bald dude had to go up to her, convince her, follow her up, and persist until he closed. Many guys underestimate how much effort it will take to get the beautiful woman. You cannot train or prepare for normal amounts of resistance. You have to prepare for massive action to win in this area. But never forget about ethics.

Make no mistake about it—I’m not ugly—but I wouldn’t have my two little girls if I would’ve listened to my wife’s first objection. My wife had no interest in me, I’m married to a woman that had zero interest in me when I first met her. Her idea was that she would marry someone 6’2. I’m not that tall, and even though I hit every other thing on her want list, I just didn’t have the height or eye color she thought she needed.

Just as I couldn’t change my height and the ugly guy can’t change his face, we both are able to get beyond that and close the deal. Guys have to first get sold on the product (you). Even if you’re ugly, you have positive qualities about you. Get sold on that. So even though I wasn’t 6’2, I sat down and wrote all the things that I had and all the quality points that I would bring to the relationship.

If someone is to be sold it is up to you, not the “customer”. If I waited for my wife to make it happen it would’ve never happened, so I had to get creative. Buyers don’t buy until someone sells! I called her monthly for an entire year, leaving nice little positive messages. Not only did she not take any of my calls, but she never returned a single one of them.

Keep in mind that no real salesperson will stop because of a little rejection. I just stayed interested and kept letting my interest be known, and since the phone calls were not getting any traction, I continued, when necessary, to remind myself that my product was good.

Think how persistent the ugly guys must be, because if a handsome guy like me has to be persistent, ugly guys can never afford to quit.

Don’t ever confuse a complaint with an objection. The fact that I wasn’t 6’2 was a complaint. The fact that you may not look like George Clooney or Brad Pitt is just a complaint.

I found out she liked to shoot, so I took her to the L.A. Gun Club after 13 months of phone calls, and she was the toughest sale I’d ever made and I can tell you it was worth it. I have been in deals as large as $80 million, but it didn’t even compare to getting Elena to first pay attention to me and then go out with me.

You too can predict the future and create it by knowing what you want, staying with it, and continuing to do whatever is necessary to get the deal done. Selling is an absolute necessity for really living life and making your dreams come true. Whether you are attractive or not to the opposite sex, become a student of this thing called selling.

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