How a Millionaire Uses Snapchat to Reach Young Entrepreneurs

I recently made a Forbes list of recommended business gurus to follow on Snapchat. A year ago I was told my audience was not on Snapchat and it was a waste of time for me. The minute I heard this I knew it was wrong because I remember being 15 and feeling so lost. My dad had died when I was 10 and all I wanted was some direction and guidance from someone. Even at 15, I was already interested in money, business, and success. Today, I’m reaching young people on Snapchat that remind me of my younger self. It’s a great place to connect with a younger audience, but it’s not just young people on there.

I’m 58 and I’m on Snapchat every day. 

Today, I use Snapchat as many as 40-50 times a day to help young people who seek business advice, inspiration, tips, a little motivation or personal insight. I have 14-year-old boys and girls from all over the world who I have become like an uncle to. The difficult part is responding to hundreds of snaps back, but it’s all worth it. Using Snapchat is personable—you can directly speak to someone in a short video message.


Where else can I directly speak to teenagers about wealth creation? I talk to them about things like having multiple streams of income and never abandoning their first flow. Too many young people make the common mistake of walking away from their current income flow to chase after another one before their first flow is even solid. You have to get symbiotic flows going! I talk about that in detail in my Wealth Creation Formula.


I also get to help younger entrepreneurs understand what it means to become great at the job they have rather than quitting. I made the mistake of being a quitter when I worked at McDonald’s (actually was fired) and on Snapchat I get to influence others so they don’t make the same mistakes I made. If you want to be great at anything it will take a lot of training and persistence.

I’m on Snapchat because I know obscurity is my biggest problem. If I don’t know you then I can’t flow you. Some of you out there have got some unbelievable products, some unbelievable offers. You are a great coach, you have great books, you have great products, and you have the lowest price. You have the best offering but people don’t know you. Or they know you but forget about you. Snapchat is a great way for me to get out of obscurity and engage with more people.

You too can reach more people and get on Snapchat. I’m getting out of obscurity and at the same time helping a lot of young entrepreneurs. It’s fun, it’s easy to use once you get used to it, and it’s a great way to engage with a new audience. If you use Snapchat—or want to start—follow the guy that you wish your “daddy” was more like. Find me at @grantcardone.

 Snapchat is not a waste of time.

I’ve got millions of views this year and it’s only getting bigger. That’s how I’m connecting with young entrepreneurs in 2016.

Be obsessed or be average,


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