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Tom Alston

CEO of AERO&MARINE Tax Professionals.

Mr. Alston is the CEO of AERO&MARINE Tax Professionals.

Additionally, he has written many California sales and use tax articles for the following publications, The Successful Accountant, Inflight USA, The Log, San Diego Business and Aviation Journal, Van Nuys Business and Aviation Journal, Orange County Business and Aviation Journal, Sacramento Business Journal, Latitude 38, and other legal and professional journals.

His four decades of running companies, creating new services, public speaking experience, communications skills and the ability to chose and train great people have resulted in AERO&MARINE Tax Professionals being the premier California sales and use tax consulting firm that specializes in the area of Mobile Transportation Equipment (aircraft, vessels and vehicles). He has successfully supported over 1,300 claims by his clients for an exemption from sales/use tax for aircraft and vessel owners. His company is actively monitoring between 100-150 audits at any given time.

For four decades he was also a high school baseball coach and wrote a column called the Winning Pitch in Collegiate Baseball, which is a national publication for high school and college coaches

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