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Jordan Goudreau

I have been a soldier my entire life. It is the only profession I have known. The Army always added purpose to my life. It became my life. I learned early on that being a successful Special Operations leader was synonymous with sacrifice and selflessness. A Special Operations leader is responsible for all that his subordinates do and fail to do. I have applied this philosophy in every leadership role that I have taken on. This sentiment is shared among the Agents at Silvercorp. It is part of our ethos. We believe that there is no greater calling than to protect the future leaders of this great country.

I founded Silvercorp because I saw a deficit in the way our schools were being safeguarded. Regular guards and regular police officers do not provide the elite blanket of security that should be afforded to such an important segment of the population. Silvercorp is comprised of the best Agents on the planet. I do not make this claim lightly. Each of our agents are hand picked ex Army, Navy special operations and SWAT operators. The have hundreds of mission experience per man. The government has pumped millions into their training. In order to maintain their skill sets we have created a training framework including shooting and physical fitness gates. Each Agent must pass a physical fitness test as well as a shooting proficiency test biannually. They must also undergo mental screens and random drug testing each quarter.
There is a precision and creativity in war that is only understood by those who dare to experience it. In the chaos of battle the purity of subconscious action is king. As Machiavelli said “Fortune is like a woman, she favors the bold.”
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