Jarrod Glandt

VP Sales

Jarrod Glandt, VP Sales, Cardone Training Technologies Inc.
Co-Host of “Young Hustlers”
1pm EST on Whatever It Takes Nation Digital Network

Bio as told by Jarrod Glandt: In my 3rd year of college in San Diego, I got a job selling print and online advertising and at 21 and quickly became the #2 rep in the country making $150k/yr. So naturally, I dropped out of college (ended up taking 7 years to finish, and no, I’m not a lawyer) to focus on making money. Well, corporate greed took before too long and my territory was cut into thirds, so I decided to leave the company.

I guess I left out that during this time making money at young age, I partied 3 to 4 days a week and blew every dollar that I made. This was actually a really dark time for me. I was hanging out with people I shouldn’t have been, and doing things I shouldn’t have been doing…Lesson learned.

I ran away from my problems and situation, went to Austin to work for my Dad and was there for 3 years. I was miserable, and was looking for a way out. When I came across a video of Grant Cardone, I “got woke up” and was convinced that this was the person I needed to work for, the only person that I needed to work for. So I moved back to San Diego to position myself to work for the guy who during a dark time reminded me what I was capable of.

After initially reaching out with no luck. I followed up everyday for about 2 months before I was invited to interview (on a Sunday). After the dust cleared, I was offered the job. It was an entry-level salesperson, receptionist, extra hand, do whatever it takes type of role. That’s when the hard work started.

I started at $2500 per month plus a small residual commission on deals I wrote. I was broke, in debt, making hardly any money, sleeping on an air mattress, and selling a brand new product nobody knew about. After 90 days I was ready to throw in the towel. I was making 150-200 cold calls a day and was moving forward at a snails pace. At that point I knew I had to put it all on the line, no option for failure, “burn the ships” level of commitment.

That’s when it all changed. It’s funny what 6 days a week and 75-80 hours of work will do for your business.

Over the 4 years I have been with Grant I worked my way up from answering phones at the front desk to sitting at the right hand of Grant as his trusted soldier. I love my job and know that we are just getting started.

Moral of the story chase your dreams, chase opportunity and work your freaking ass off to get what you want out of life!

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