Hanna Liza Horenstein

Hanna Liza Horenstein has been in business for over 17 years as an Insurance Agent for World Financial Group/ Transamerica. She holds a title of Executive Vice Chairman and has over 346 agents within her “Agency”.  She oversees 9 offices in Southern California and Nevada including; Woodland Hills, Westlake Village, Encino, Tarzana, Ontario, Torrance, Simi Valley, Las Vegas, Camarillo, and Santa Barbara.

Her insurance business brings in over $3.8 million in premium per year to providers and is one of the Top representatives in the issuance of “life and Annuities” in Southern California.  Her infrastructure includes Branch office Managers/coordinators, admin staff and usually spends about 25% of her time coaching and mentoring new agents that are looking to grow their business.

She herself has been mentored by some of the top people in the financial/insurance industry, and is excellent in providing support and direction to the 99% of the people in the Country that would like to retire but just don’t quite know how to.  Some of her clients include Family Trust/Premium finance cases as well as everyday families and business owners.  Out of 53,000 agents, she ranked #4 in personal production for a (rolling 12 months) ending June 2016.

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