Who Are You Honest With? – Harish Rao

How about honesty?

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I have this weird theory on honesty. 

Imagine a straight line. Imagine that on one end you have people that you dislike, hate etc. On the other end you have people you like, love etc. Invariably, people that you dislike/ hate are about 10 to 30% of your circle of control. The people you like/ love are 2 to 5% of your circle of control/ influence. 

Now, let’s address honesty. You are normally honest to people that you dislike or hate because you don’t give a damn what they think or feel. 

However, are you as honest to people that you love/ like, people who are in your circle of control and influence? You are never 100% honest to them. Why not? We may have the fear of losing them. 

As such, for me, this concept is a work in progress. You will hear more about this in the future. 

In the meantime, it has made me aware of the 2% of the people whom I love in my life. I have decided that

1.I am conscious about the people around me and the 2% club. 

2.I am as honest as possible to the 2% people in my life. 

3.I restrict entry to the 2% club. People need to deserve and achieve high set of principles to be in my 2% club. 

4.I assess every person that crosses my world to check whether they can qualify to my 2% club. 

5.I tailor my honesty based on the whether a person is in the 2% club. I am as open and honest to people in the 2% club. 

Sounds weird, huh?

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