Hire Great People, Not Just Refugees

There has been a lot of talk recently about Donald Trump’s executive order that temporarily suspended refugee admission to the U.S. and banned 7 Muslim countries from traveling to the States. As usual, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz played his political card, immediately coming out saying he will hire 10,000 refugees. If you are a CEO of a company, don’t play politics when it comes to your team—just look to hire great people.

I sent out this tweet following the announcements:


If you can help me make money, I don’t care if you are from Libya or Yemen or Kansas. Being an American doesn’t mean you can bring revenue to my company, but hiring a bunch of refugees isn’t going to necessarily increase my bottom line either. I’m not looking to give welfare handouts so that certain groups of people—deserved or not—can have jobs.

Whenever you take a stand on something, half of the people will hate you and the other half will love you. As a CEO of a company, if you go public with your politics, expect certain people to threaten to boycott your brand. I’m not a republican or a democrat—I’m an entrepreneur, and hiring 10,000 refugees because of your politics is not a business move, it’s a stupid move.

You are pledging to hire 10,000 people without caring what they can actually do for your company. I’m sure some refugees are great employees. That’s what you should be seeking—GREATNESS. Whether white, black, brown, male, female, citizen or refugee, I want greatness in my company.

It’s important you surround yourself with top-notch, phenomenal, superstar crazy people like yourself. You must be obsessed, completely committed, and then you have to be obsessed with capturing, stealing, and acquiring great people. If you have to tell people what to do every day, you have the wrong people.

Great people are your power—your great employees are an extension of your life and your business. You need to get people who are excited. You need to be on every possible site saying, “We are hiring GREAT people.” It should be on your website, on your Twitter feed, in your Facebook posts. In fact, if you want to work for me, send your 60-second video to: careers@grantcardone.com – let me know how great you are.

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