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There are all kinds of doctors. The profession has split into specialties like ears, nose and throat, various cancers etc. These highly trained specialists have decided to focus on one area that they feel needs special attention. These people feel they are serving mankind in the best manner by sharpening their skill set to the point that they think they can overcome the insurmountable odds posed by certain areas of disability.

The same is true for Aviation tax consultants. There is the whack-a-mole game (a term created by Kevin Austin at aerolaw.com.) that is started by the decision to purchase an aircraft. A prospective buyer needs to strategize for purposes of tax planning in many areas including, FAA rules, excise tax, Income tax, sales tax, and property tax. This by no means is a complete list and it expands and contracts based on the overall goals of the buyer. Each of these areas has brought to life several cottage industries of aircraft tax consultants and aircraft tax professionals.

Buyers are left out in the cold unless they have experienced the process before with an aviation tax consultant or if they are fortunate enough to know an aircraft tax professional. Some aircraft tax consultants even try to handle the whole gamut of all the taxes involved in the purchase of an aircraft. This leaves the prospective buyer, like the person who has just been diagnosed with cancer, the impending search for a specialist. I suggest that this cancer patient usually searches for an expert in cancer, and maybe even in the search he looks for a doctor that specializes in his specific type of cancer. Why? Because he connects the expert he works with his own survival.

If prospective buyers of aircraft during their search for an aircraft tax professional looks at each form of tax as a specific disease, he would do well to look for aircraft tax consultants that are the tip of the spear (the sharpest point) for each area of tax. Because tax agencies have a tendency to attempt to adjust their audit rules to maximize their revenue similar to some diseases that become immune to certain kinds of treatment. Only the people who specialize in these specific areas keep up with the constant changes in rule interpretations. Aviation tax consultants have to be laser focused on their area of expertise to stay up with tax rules in their specific arena.

I suggest that if you find yourself afflicted with the potential disease of tax problems (plural) you put together a team of aviation tax consultants that are the tip of the spear in their area to maximize your financial survival as it relates to your purchase.

I have dealt in this field for many decades and I am here to help you make the best decisions possible. My line is always open and my consultations are always free. I can tell you whether or not you can save money on your taxes before a single dime leaves your pocket with my free tax help.

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