Here’s why the Patriots beat the Falcons, and how you can apply it to your own life and business

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots just made the biggest comeback in postseason NFL history yesterday. Trailing by 25 points in the second half, it looked like they were done. The Patriots never gave up, kept pushing, tied it and went to the first overtime in Super Bowl history and eventually overcame the Falcons to become the champions.

It’s a testament to their work ethic, attitude, and the belief that if they keep persisting, good things would start to happen. There’s a reason why Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have set the record by winning 5 Super Bowls. It’s one thing to have hustle and talent, but when you are mentally locked in, it brings things to an entirely new level.

The one main takeaway you can apply to your own life from what happened in Super Bowl 51 is to always keep moving forward. Don’t quit. Always move forward, no matter what. All successful people know this rule. Always move toward the target. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then do it again until you get to the target. Have a high level of intention—a focused goal—and you’ll get there.

Many years ago, I was in Toronto and there were no flights back to the US, much less back to San Diego where I needed to get. The airlines were telling me it would be 5 days before I could get back on a flight. Now 5 days for me was not going to work—and I had intention to get to San Diego, I made the commitment. I went back to my rule of always moving forward. Move toward the goal. Don’t stay put, but be a cause. Don’t sit in your hotel room, move forward. Don’t bust into the drinks or hit the local bars or visit the hotel pool. TAKE ACTION.

So I asked myself, “If I want to get to San Diego what do I do?” As soon as I got clear on my intention, the method showed itself. I realized they were still flying to Canada, so I got on a flight the next morning from Toronto to Calgary. From Calgary, I got on a small flight to Vancouver. I simply started moving west toward my destination. I moved in the direction of my desired goal. Staying put and waiting wouldn’t get me any closer to my goal.

As I moved toward my goal, I got excited. It became a game—how could I get home sooner than 5 days. Everyone was telling me to stop, take it easy, relax, hang out in the hotel—but I wasn’t buying it. People were telling me it wasn’t safe to fly at that time, that I was insane for trying to travel with the situation, but I kept moving forward.

In Vancouver, I rented a car. I drove through the US border where there was a 3-hour wait and I was going to miss my flight in Seattle. So I asked the guy in the customs line if there was a shorter way and told him I had to get to San Diego. He said there was. There were thousands of cars lined up waiting hours to go through customs and this guy tells me if I went a few blocks over and take a left, I’d see a parking lot. He told me I’d need to buy something in that store and it’s a shortcut back into the line. It worked!

You get it? If I had just accepted the late flight, I’d still be sitting in Toronto. If I had accepted the naysayers, I’d have given up along the way. And if I hadn’t fully committed to my goal, I wouldn’t have pushed to ask if there was a way around that car line.

The next part is even more amazing.

I got to the border without my passport, but with intention. The customs agent hears me tell him my situation, and he lets me go through. This wasn’t luck. This was about intention. When you get your intention clear and always move toward it, lucky things will happen to you too.

So I’m driving to Seattle and what do I do? I hit the worst traffic Seattle had in 6 years—literally, it was being talked about on the radio. So I miss my flight in Seattle but I drive down the coast and nearly run out of gas but make my connection in Portland. It took me 22 hours to get from Toronto to San Diego rather than 5 days—that’s a big difference.

So what’s the point? Always move forward.

When you move toward your goal there might not be time for stops. Get and maintain great intention, always move forward, and you will reach your goal. Always move forward and don’t make excuses. Don’t worry about the details folks. Everybody gets hung up in the details—except successful people. Highly successful people don’t worry about the details, they trust the details will work themselves out.

Tom Brady wasn’t worried about how it would be possible to come back from 19 points down in the 4th quarter. If he actually thought about how difficult that is to do, he might have gotten discouraged. Instead, he just kept moving forward, concentrating on one play at a time, kept trying to score, and good things started happening.

Successful people don’t let anything stop them. Don’t let the odds, other people, problems, planes, or a 25-point deficit in the Super Bowl stop you. Who can be successful? Anyone who moves forward with a clear intention to a clear goal. Don’t worry about what might happen. Your abilities will increase as you move forward and as your intention increases.

You won’t see the true depth of a person’s intention until there is resistance. 

Always move forward. Keep persisting until you hit your target. No matter what happened in the past, or along the way, Tom Brady’s target was a Super Bowl win. He moved forward until he got it. What are you moving forward to today?

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