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Hector La Marque & Grant Cardone

In this Show

Hector La Marque, Senior National Sales Director Primerica Financial Services. If you’ve ever heard of multi level marketing, worked for one full time or part time, this is the episode for you. Meet Hector La Marque, “the man who made millions at MLM Primerica”.

Hector is one of 9 children to Mexican immigrants who valued hard work but were not educated. He was an average student but decided to be great at business and dove into books. He studies business greats and estimates reading over 1500 books. According to Hector, reading saved him and caused him to bust out of his environment.

He aspired to live every day as if he was on vacation. He wanted freedom. He envisioned the lifestyle he wanted and decided he wouldn’t chase things but instead chase freedom. He learned there are no shortcuts, you must get really uncomfortable, take risks and have an ability to sell.

After being made a client of Primerica he joined on a part time basis then transitioned to full time and was able to build a massive sales force resulting in over $65,000,000 to date. Tune in and learn how Hector La marque built wealth.

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