It’s not ok. Sign the petition to fire him HERE.

Petitioning to fire Robert McDonald—that’s not hate, that’s action. I don’t hate the guy I’m just taking action because there is too much incompetence going on and he should be fired. Notice also that when I do something like this I’m very public about it, I don’t just make a little post on Facebook criticizing someone. Stand up USA and fire Robert McDonald. Real men don’t talk, they take action.

Heads up on Haters & Distractors:
1) Truly productive people don’t have time for hate, they are too busy.
2) Never hate ‘up’ it makes you look envious, jealous and its ‘dumb’ hate.
3) If you are going to hate on someone be in it to take them down or it’s just a waste of energy.

When you find someone that is doing the first or second just disconnect from them because, 1) they aren’t busy enough, and 2) they are a bit stupid. The third one might be worth you getting behind. If you’re going to be super successful, you’ll get haters. Average people don’t attract haters.

Never hate “up”. The C-list actor has no business criticizing the A-list actor. I had some punks recently come onto my Facebook page and start hating on me. I can call a guy below me a punk, but when he hates up on me the other way, it doesn’t look good. You know why it doesn’t look good? Because in sales and business I’m up here, and he’s down there. You can’t hate on somebody above you on the food chain, I’m just keeping it real. It makes you look envious. It makes you look insecure. It makes you look stupid. It just doesn’t look good to most people.

The C-list actor has no business criticizing the A-list actor.

I wrote a petition to fire Robert McDonald the head of the VA but I’m not tearing him down to lift me up. When you go at somebody, make sure you can take them down. If you don’t finish them, they end up stronger.

I want to remind everyone of the facts happening at VA’s around the country:

• Average wait time 112 days
• Over $103m in bonuses paid out to VA employees last year
• 307,000 Veterans died while waiting for care
• 494,690 Veterans are still waiting over 30 days for care as of May 1, 2016
• 6,703,520 Veterans are scheduled for care from the VA as of May 1, 2016.

When you don’t rush to solve a problem, you either don’t care or aren’t being held accountable. If the VA is NOT in a hurry to serve, which is it?

And remember, you need to be like a tornado, like a hurricane, like a beast—be an aberration so people will call you all kinds of things. The successful get hated on by the unsuccessful. Don’t hate, but if there needs to be change don’t just wish for change or talk about change—take 10X action and MAKE change. Real men put action behind their words.

Sign the petition here and share with others to help the vets in this country.

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Be great,