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Hank Norman, Founder & Partner 2 Market Media, knows how to help people cut through noise to get attention. In the late 80’s he got his first job at BET then went onto Kingworld and helped pilot and produce “The View” with Barbara Walters. He helped launch the Oxygen network where he was an on air “cross media” correspondent reporting what was going on across all of Oxygen’s on-line properties. He’s worked as a development executive at ABC Disney and has written and produced films. He founded his own company 2MarketMedia where he helps grow media businesses around revolutionary ideas in revolutionary new ways. He comes down from New York with his rock star edge and skeleton T-shirt and passionately dives into his views about marketing, how one cannot market their business, brand or themselves from “inside the box,” and offers a frank take on how marketers hold themselves back but not being vulnerable and real. He believes everyone has a story and the bravest usually most successful people give themselves permission to tell it. If you’ve been cruising under the radar, Hank Norman and Grant Cardone really jolt you into action so you can start getting known for what you have to offer the marketplace.

  • hank

    thanks for having me on, Grant!

    • Grant Cardone

      oh you so humble

    • Ken Clark

      Hank, This #WITNation video sparked my interest, and I look forward to learning more about your work and connecting with you through all the outlets. @kenclarkhimself.

  • DavidAdams

    Yo… i love this show!! Learning from REAL people who have the RESULTS!! Thank you!

    • Grant Cardone

      thanks DA – be great

  • Dan Ortiz

    Love the show thanks again Grant

    • Grant Cardone

      thanks for subscribing

  • Ken Clark

    This is great! I’m a 25 year old Young Hustler/Entrepreneur making waves and climbing the ladder! After I got out of the Marines I started a detail company, ran it for 2 years and sold it- Now I just got hired on at Rockwood Stone Wealth Management studying for my series 7 and will work to become an owning partner at the firm before I reach 30. When i’m not at work, I’m working to chase other opportunities to connect and do business with like minded power players like you all here. As well as creating my Youtube channel on finance/wealth/entrepreneurship. I love all of your material and have connected with you on all of the social outlets. Look forward to speaking with you in the future! Thanks again, Grant Cardone! @kenclarkhimself

  • I love the part 9.30 into the clip where he wants to hear more about all the bad stuff going on in your area of expertise, and how to avoid it, etc. Who’s hero are you? Who’s hero can you become? Awesome – my mind is blazing with ideas.

  • From watching your old stuff to now grant amazing! you truly have found your voice. Keep putting out amazing stuff, I’m excited for more shows to come

  • AWESOME SHOW! Watched it the other day and now got my disqus on. the info is so to the point, valuable that i can instantly share it with so many business owners i work with that need stuff just like this. Thank you! best thing is 9:45-11:30 is the best part; opening it up to take that stance in your field. Great job guys!

  • Great show, gents. “Be You” is excellent advice! Thanks for the great info. ** A quick side-note about attention to detail. I’m not sure who’s room you’re filming in – I’m assuming it’s Grant’s – but you should change those outdated 1980’s mismatched tarnished doorknobs to something more modern. They don’t convey the impeccable style that I’ve come to know you for. Also, a little WD-40 will really help with the squeak coming from the door. Just my (design) 2 cents. Again, fantastic episode!

  • Dean Davis

    This guy is a genius! He is pure publicity.