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Handling Stress as a Family

In this Show

Grant and Elena Cardone discuss how they handle stress on the G and E Show. What happens when your business and marriage collide? How can you handle your stress?

1.Don’t Keep up with the Jones’—stop comparing yourself with others around you. There will always be someone better off and worse off than you. Just worry about living up to your own potential.
2.Make a list—What matters and what doesn’t matter? Is it just a dirty fridge or is it actually something life changing? Focus on the big things and don’t stress the small things.
3.Never put adult problems in front of kids—No matter your stress, don’t put it all out in front of everyone.
4.Respect yourself—Do things that can help you unwind and respect yourself enough to do the little things that help you out. Go work out, get fresh air, eat some ice cream.
5.Find out what’s important—While you can’t neglect the small stuff, always keep things in perspective.

Life can be stressful and you don’t want to get overwhelmed. If you are overwhelmed it’s a sign you may not know what you are doing. Practice makes perfect—the more you do something the more comfortable it will be for you.

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