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Handling Your Spouses Objections

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Grant and Elena Cardone discuss the vital skill of being able to handle objections within your relationship. Every objection you get, you create. What objections do you hear?

“You spend too much money”

“You drive too fast”

“You watch too much football”

What is it that you hear? When you hear an objection, you must do two things:


2.Take Responsibility

Listen, acknowledge, and handle it. If you aren’t having sex after the objection, you haven’t handled it. Here’s a script you can use:

“You watch too much football”

Do not interrupt, listen to duplicate

“I hear you. I understand that I watch too much football.”

“Is watching too much football the only thing that is troubling you?”

“Look, watching too much football wouldn’t keep us from enjoying our afternoon would it?

No – transition into Qualifying
Yes – transition to Probe

Probe “Why is that? When you say that what do you mean?”

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