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Handling the Ups and Downs in a Relationship – G&E Show

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Have you been told you must have ups AND downs in a relationship?

The truth is, you don’t need good month, bad month, good month, bad month.

Life doesn’t need to be a roller coaster.

In both relationships and money, you need to eliminate the downs.

By eliminating the downs you can only go up.

Here are 3 facts about the “downs” in your life :

#1 Downs aren’t a coincidence

#2 Someone caused it to happen.

#3 You are responsible to find the cause.

What do your downs look like?

You eat healthy for a week and workout…but then the next week you eat whatever you want and skip the gym?

You get to work and exceed your quota…but then the next week you’re showing up barely on time and falling short of expectations?

Just because you can eliminate your “downs” doesn’t mean you’ll never have a setback, but you DON’T need to live an up and down life!

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