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Handling Stress

In this Show

G & E begin the show talking about how Grant is a bit stressed out because of all they have going on. He’s launching Whatever It Takes Nation Digital Network, going to Russia to present at a business summit, touring with Steve Harvey and Tony Robbins in the Act Like a Success Empowerment Tour, decorating and moving into a new home, handling the kids and family responsibilities.

They site an article from NPR on stress which lists the following as common reasons for stress: poor health, disabled, chronic illness, income under $20,000, dangerous work situation, single parenthood, parenting a teen, added responsibilities, finances and career challenges.

Grant says people must understand three things when thinking about stress:
1. Some level of stress is normal and good.
2. There’s something out of control that one needs to get a handle on.
3. Think of how to overcome or move past the obstacles.

Grant offers the analogy of a huge boulder and a smaller one. The focus when stressed must switch to going over, under or around the rock to move past the things causing the stress.

A male caller who is in business with his wife, calls into the show concerned that his wife is withdrawing from the business. Elena advises him to communicate together, go over the goals and purpose and create a plan together.

Grant sites an article from Forbes with tips on handling stress that Grant adds onto.
1. Schedule downtime Grant says add more to do and get more done.
2. Cut out things that don’t add value to your life.
3. Avoid negative people.
4. Outsource tasks.Grant agrees and encourages people to hire nanny, cleaning service, landscaper, etc.
5. Take 5 for you. Grant says take and hour or two if needed.

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