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Today I want to talk to you about what financial danger is and how to get out of danger. I remember as a kid, one time encountering a bear in the woods with my brothers and feeling in danger. The hair stood up on my neck, adrenaline kicked in, and a sense of panic came over me. I ran with my brothers as fast as I could away from the area to get help. We’ve all experienced dangerous moments before. But like in this example, typically when know we are in danger, we end up being okay. The worst kind of danger is the kind you do not know you are in.

Danger at its root means “power of a lord or master“. Quite literally it is referring to someone having mastery over another individual or group, therefore having the power to harm that person or group. In fact, in the 1700’s is was a euphemism for “damned”. If someone was in danger, it mean they destined to be condemned to a fate of loss or hurt. This is the kind of danger you are in financially today. You’ve been mastered by banks, Wall Street, and financial advisors that are doing harm to you. The most dangerous part is that you are not even aware of this. In fact, you think you’re being helped by these groups. By definition, that makes this insidious! Click here to find out just how much harm and danger you are in.

There are 5 responses to danger. Today I am going to address 2 of them. Out of the 5 responses, only one of them is correct. 

  1. Flee. When we are in danger, we can run from it. We can just leave the scene. This on one of the responses people choose when it comes to financial danger. They get divorced, they move, they get rid of their money, all in an attempt to flee from the problem. This does not offer a permanent solution to the dangerous situation. It simply offers short term emotional sympathy to the individual. Long term it creates greater danger. This person is so mastered by financial institutions that all of their financial decisions center around fleeing from potential danger and are all fear driven.
  2. Avoid. You can try to avoid the danger. This would mean still trying to get to the destination without ever confronting what is out there. This looks like saving money in the bank, trying to pay debt off sooner, and other alternative financial strategies where the primary focus is safety and not results. Ultimately, this is what the top of the middle class wealth looks likes. The problem? The danger is not handled and financial institutions still have mastery over the individual.

I meet with many clients who are in the flee and void stage. These are both the same root issue: fear. And neither of these solve the root problem. The danger is still there and the risk is still there.

If you’ve lived a life of running away from your money problems, or simply trying to avoid the financial danger you are in by making “conservative” decisions, we both know it isn’t helping and it isn’t a long term solution.

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Own Your Potential,

Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta believes everyone has the God-given right to own their potential. Most of us don’t because we spend 40 hours per week serving the 40 year to life sentence, trading our precious time for worthless paper called money.

We live on an economic planet and time and money do need to be exchanged. But it doesn’t need to be your time or your money. Jerry teaches his clients to secure income producing assets that make the time and money exchange for you so you can buy your freedom back and live a life of abundance and prosperity. To get there we must know how to make money, how to keep it, and how to multiply it.

Jerry provides coaching, education, accountability, and community to help you build wealth. Join the Wealth DynamX coaching program, get educated on Wealth DynamX University, and begin networking with the Wealth DynamX Mastermind Group today.

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