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Handle Your Business at Home

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It always strikes me as odd when a person cares more about their business world than they do about their home life when both go hand in hand. You can read 100 books about growth, sales, marketing, success and still not be able to attain it if you can’t take care of your dishes in the sink. How are you able to be confident with your customers if your shirt and pants are wrinkled and your breath is bad. You are already offending them. People believe in other people that are organized, purposeful and confident in their person. Personal development is just about the books you read, it’s your entire scope of life which always starts from your inner and outer self and then your home and close relationships, at work, in your social networks, at the office, and in your business. Don’t shut out the fact that your have to take care of yourself on a dialy basis in order to take care of others in business. Remain uncomfortable, Stacy.

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