How to Handle Loss – Grant Cardone

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This video was taken by Grant Cardone in Beverly Hills California, after Hurricane Irma, Grant talks about what you have to give up to get to the next thing, how he had to move from Los Angeles and this beautiful home to jumpstart his real estate business.

  • Mike King

    Love it. Great to see the emotion in your eyes.

    Yep! I walked away from my home town and never looked back. Tears rolling out.

    Thanks for a great video Grant.

    Mike King

  • Chris S

    I gave up “security” knowing that it is nothing but a crutch. Glad I did as a short but productive airline career followed with yet another new path after that. Complacency “kills.”

    Uncle G’s video opening talks about losses – some voluntary, others forced on us. As he stated in another video (Grant Rant?) you must be prepared for the inevitable “shit storm.” As we’ve seen in Houston and FL, millions of people are dealing with loss and new beginnings. What will they make of it?

    What will YOU make of changes in your life and what ACTION will you take to create change?

    Be great!

  • Kamlesh Bonomaully

    Awesome grant. You know how to give us hope.