Hal Elrod & Grant Cardone

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What if you died and came back to life? What would you do different? Fourteen years ago Hal Elrod (@HalElrod) was literally pronounced dead for 6 minutes after a near fatal, coma inducing head-on auto collision –a victim of a DUI. Today he’s one of the world’s top success coaches, a top in-demand keynote speaker, motivator, proud father, loving husband and best selling author of Taking Life Head On. In this Power Players episode, Hal shares his amazing, doctor-defying comeback story post accident, his rebuild of business and self, the crushing impact of the 2008 financial collapse sending him into deep depression and another rock bottom. If you have ever felt lost or uncertain, Hal’s 6 tips will get you to change your approach to life so you can control the things you can and release the things you cannot. Take it from a guy who died and was in a coma. You must wake up, hit the ground running and commit to make the most of every day you’re given.

  • Benji

    Grant, you NEED to get Jesse Wilms on Power players!! he has been names “the dard lord of the internet”. He dominated every space he went into and has done almost half a Billion dollars in sales. read about him here: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/01/the-dark-lord-of-the-internet/355726

  • Mark Stofle

    Outstanding Power Player interview with Hal

    • yopalhal

      Thanks Mark! :^)

  • Wow, that guy Hal sure has a story. very inspirational and uplifting. Gus like this you keep coming back deserve all the success.