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How to Start, Grow and Expand Your Business with Gordon Bizar

In this Show

Gordon is an internationally acclaimed visionary, innovator and entrepreneur with a 50-year success track record. During this period, through the best and worst of times, he bought and built companies in fields as diverse as manufacturing, financial services and business education. Battle hardened and tempered, Gordon is uniquely qualifies to guide businesses through today’s tough economic conditions.

Gordon is one of the top platform speakers for business acquisition and growth worldwide. His name is associated with some of the top names in personal and business development. Here are just some of his recent associations over the past decade.

In this 26 MILLION Dollar interview, Stacy A. Cross dissects the beautiful business mind of Gordon Bizar – We talk Strategic Aggregation, Business Acquisition, Core Competencies, Baby Boomers, Staying Ahead of the Curve and how to Start, Grow and Expand Your Business. We conducted this interview special on the beautiful Casino Royale Yacht which was docked in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was not only the backdrop, it became a part of his base training.

Gordon answers in depth a question I posed: “How do you take a Real Estate Company Public?” which happens to be one of Grant Cardone’s major goals he quoted – Gordon answers with a distinctive process, that I believe is invaluable to ANYONE wanting to EXPAND in this area.

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