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Grant Teaches Elena How to Close

In this Show

In this episode of The G&E Show, Grant and Elena Cardone tackle the issue of being unable to close a sale. Grant takes on the task of giving his wife Elena the advice she needs to be able to build attention and raise funds for an event she is attending this coming Saturday.

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Elena shares a personal rejection experience, from 5 or 6 years ago, that has paralyzed her with fear and made her unable to approach anyone with what she sees as ‘inappropriate promotion’. Grant addresses this and turns it around, allowing everyone to see that this is a common situation, and not something you cannot overcome.

As Grant says, “the only way you fail is when you quit.”

Grant’s Tips:
1. Get attention for your offer.
2. Build value in what you are pitching.
3. Ask for the business.
a. “I need you to help me.”
4. Replace the business you made with MORE business. Build, build, build.

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