Grant Cardone’s 10X Workout

Grant Cardone’s 10X Workout

Take control of your body, if you don’t how will you ever control your day, your clients or your money? A proven way to make a great investment of time for you to increase confidence and energy is to exercise—even a little bit—at the start or end of each day.

The only place I can get more creative ideas about my career than while working out is taking a great steam; both set me up to focus on my day.

The hardest thing about exercise is getting started and then making the time daily. The way I do it is I simply start. You don’t need to join a gym or even leave your home and you don’t need to punish yourself.

Quit looking at workouts and exercise as a body thing and start looking at it as a way to activate your body into action and fuel your creative. I believe a quick exercise each day before you roll out will make you a better salesperson, a better manager, a better leader, more clearheaded, a better entrepreneur, give you more energy and just an overall better citizen of the world.

Exercising daily is an investment in your greatest asset—you. Understand that I am not focused on the body in my workout I am focused on me and getting control of my vehicle. Wash your car and tell me you don’t feel better about yourself and that car.

Here is a simple 10X workout that I use to get rolling:

Then once you start trying doing it twice a day. I find if I can get in two a day I notice changes in my body faster. If you want to add a little something cook your own food – use my 10X planner and write your goals down before you start your 10X exercise, then when you are done return to the 10X planner and make more notes. This will blow you away and is an amazing way to 10X your day.

Motivation is a monster problem for most people. What motivates you? How do you stay motivated? How do you stay energized and creative? This is a challenge for everyone, even the motivational speakers. Having energy, being happy, being motivated to meet new people and expand your network takes energy and most importantly it takes a sense of excitement about your future.

It’s your body control it, work it and give it just a little attention each day so it serves you well. You wake up with it, sleep with it, you have to bring it to work and back home each day and feed it and it wants to be worked.

Exercise a little every day. 

And again, I am not really talking about getting in shape, diets or your weight  – I’m talking about MOTIVATION, waking up your creativity and getting control of the vehicle (your body) you are using to move you forward in your journey. You have a choice – feel good about yourself or don’t. There really is no in between. Your body, your appearance, your health, your goals, your planning, and your time are under your control.

Try my 10X workout and let me know what you would add and how it works out for you in the comments below.

Also, if you want something to listen to while you are doing your 10X Workout download 100 Ways to Stay Motivated onto your phone and get the MP3 from my web store.

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