Grant Cardone Speaks to Transitioning US Troops at Ft. Benning

Grant Cardone teaches that, “Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.”

So it comes as no surprise that American Dream U invited Grant Cardone to be a keynote speaker at the Soldier Day Entrepreneurial Event, which is held at Fort Benning in Georgia. A total of 13 other entrepreneurs will be speaking; the list includes big names such as Anthony Melchiorri, Nick Nanton, Clay Hebert and more!

“I love speaking to soldiers because they truly understand what it means to do whatever it takes to accomplish a target. Soldiers provide freedom to me and my family everyday and I want to help them achieve the financial freedom they deserve.” – Grant Cardone

The biggest problem for a soldier transitioning to civilian life is the sudden loss of highly structured leadership in day-to-day activities and living a regimented lifestyle. Grant teaches that to be successful in business, you must find the right vehicle—or mentor—to guide you. This, along with his straight shooting, no-nonsense approach to leadership, the economy and entrepreneurship, will be easily understood by the soldiers and remind them that it is possible to live a regimented life in the civilian world with a purpose larger than themselves to carry them through the tough times.

Before Grant speaks, he will be building camaraderie by attending the Ranger Obstacle Course on base, having breakfast with the soldiers in the Mess Hall, attending briefings with the base leadership and observing weaponry, tank and helicopter simulators—and that’s just the schedule before lunch!

Grant will also have a chance to attend a live fire weapons exercise, jump off of the Airborne 34-foot tower and attend a dinner with base leadership. Grant will also have his lead video editor and cinematographer along with him to capture the fun and the wealth of information that will be shared at the conference.

Speakers Include:
• Grant Cardone, New York Times Best-Selling Author
• Anthony Melchiorri, Creator, Co-Exec Producer & Host of Hotel Impossible
• Nick Nanton, 3-Time Emmy Award Winning Director, Producer & Filmmaker
• Clay Hebert, Entrepreneur, Marketing Advisor & Crowdfunding Expert
• Ari Meisel, Founder – Less Doing
• Philip McKernan, Clarity Coach
• Phil Randazzo, Founder – American Dream U

Also: Aaron Ludin, Brian Kurtz, Erik Kerr, Lou Nemec, Jason Fladlien, Anthony Trupiano, and Jody Hall

To learn more about Grant Cardone, visit: A Day in the Life of Grant Cardone

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